Decentralized due diligence, rating and governance

A marketplace for blockchain projects, ICOs and STOs.
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Decentralized due diligence, rating and governance

A marketplace for blockchain projects, ICOs and STOs.
Private beta coming soon.
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What is Egeon

Decentralized ICO and blockchain project listing

Every blockchain project is reviewed and rated by Egeon’s global community, impacting its position on the platform list.

Distributed due diligence

Community-powered due diligence of every ICO, crypto and blockchain project. Investors and contributors can leverage the community consensus to make better investment decisions with confidence.

Pseudonymity for trust & transparency

All reviews, votes and ratings are immutable and recorded on the Egeon blockchain. All reviewers’ identities are pseudonymous to prevent dishonest and bias behaviour such as paid reviews.
Multi-blockchain token sale framework

Multi-blockchain token sale framework

Create and issue your token on any major, supported blockchains and conduct your token sale in a matter of clicks. No programming required.
Decentralized project governance

Decentralized project governance

Post token-sale decentralized governance of project performance and raised funds management between project founders, investors and the community.

Reward-based voting, rating and reviews

Members with the most upvoted project reviews, receive a percentage of each project’s tokensale bounty. This increases the user’s reputation and their reward size.

Become an Egeon network validator to earn rewards

Earn block rewards, tokens, transaction fees and a percentage of bounty tokens of all projects conducting token sales on Egeon. Your stake dictates your reward size.

Driving blockchain mass adoption

While all user actions are treated as transactions and recorded on the Egeon blockchain, basic ones like voting and reviewing – do not require any transaction fees. This enables the platform to be used as a regular site, improving UX and helping mass adoption.

KYC for founders, community members and investors

All project founders and teams, community members and token sale participants are required to pass full KYC/AML. This enables transparency, trust and helps to prevent Sybil attacks.

User journey

Community members or project founders submit a new project on the platform. All project founders and team members are required to pass KYC/AML.
Egeon community reviews, rates and upvotes the project – updating its rank.
Project’s team selects parameters for their tokens, token sale, decentralized governance model, bounty reward bank – expressed as a percentage of issued tokens, and creates corresponding smart contracts. No programming is required.
Project issues tokens on any of Egeon’s supported blockchains: Ethereum, NEM, EOS, Stellar (more coming soon).
Project conducts its token sale events. All participating validators and community members with most upvoted reviews claim rewards from the project’s allocated bounty bank and member reputation is updated on Egeon.
Funds raised during token sale are unlocked and claimed by the project’s team according to preset parameters (time periods, progress, milestones etc.)
Token holders of every project launched on Egeon, participate in governance by voting with the project’s tokens by sending them to the voting wallet, where they are locked until the end of voting period. After which, all tokens are released back to their holders.
Project’s team submits periodical progress reports on the Egeon platform to its investors and the community, driving transparency, communication and trust.

Egeon native tokens

Stake Tokens are required to be locked by users on the network that wish to become network block validators and earn block rewards, transaction fees and percentage of each project’s bounty tokens. Stake Tokens are able to be traded.
Cash Tokens are used to pay for extra services and platform transaction fees on Egeon or third parties. A portion of transaction fees will be used to incentivize block validators to support the network and community. Cash Tokens are able to be traded.
Action Tokens are used to review, upvote and rate projects on the platform. They limit user actions, preventing the network from being spammed with free transactions. Their emittance rate is correlated to each user’s reputation level, dictating their reward earning capacity. Unable to be traded.

Egeon vs competitors

Features Egeon ICO listing sites Token sale platforms
Decentralized project listing Yes
Distributed due diligence Yes
Pseudonymous ratings and reviews Yes
Token issuance (for projects) Yes Yes
Buy project tokens (for investors) Yes Yes
Bounty rewards distribution Yes Yes
KYC for investors Yes Yes
KYC for founders Yes
Progress reports by all projects Yes
Decentralized project governance by the community Yes
Decentralized voting for token holders Yes
Refundable investments Yes
Non-ICO blockchain projects Yes
Paid reviews Yes

Development roadmap

Active development


Native Egeon PoS blockchain

  • Egeon native PoS blockchain on Tendermint.
  • User authentication on the Egeon blockchain.
  • Signing and verifying user transactions on the blockchain.

Community due diligence

  • Pseudonymous reviewing, rating and voting protocols.
  • Issuance of Egeon native ‘Action Tokens’ to the community.
  • User reputation on Egeon blockchain.

Decentralized project listing

  • Project submission to Egeon blockchain.
  • Web UI for project listing, rating and reviews.
  • Ranking algorithm for listed projects.

Multi-blockchain token Issuance

  • Web UI for blockchain agnostic, visual token issuer.
  • Module for issuance of ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.
  • Module to issue tokens on NEM, EOS, Stellar and others.



Token sale framework

  • KYC/AML for founders, community members, investors.
  • Web UI for token sale dashboard (projects).
  • Web UI for investor dashboard.
  • Reward distribution for community.

Decentralized governance

  • Project progress reporting.
  • Voting with project tokens by token holders.
  • Refundable investment protocol.

Stake and Cash Tokens

  • Issue Egeon Cash Tokens for on-platform transaction payments.
  • Issue Stake Tokens for Egeon network validators and delegators.
  • Transferal of ERC20 Egeon Stake Tokens, between Ethereum and Egeon.

Mass adoption

  • Support of third-party cryptocurrencies on Egeon via Cosmos Hub.
  • Decentralized, P2P marketplace for the third-party services.
  • Decentralized exchange (DEX) for all community projects.